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Essential oils for self-care (or how I avoid having meltdowns in public)

A couple years ago, I was sitting in church with my husband and I was … pissed. My body was rigid, I was pitched forward in my seat and I was barely breathing, save for some very irritated sighs. It was clear that I was not in the same cheery mood I’d been in when we arrived.

Why was I so upset? I had no idea.

Thankfully, my husband is a brilliant man and he reached in my purse and pulled out one of my essential oils – the one I used whenever I was feeling stressed. He put a drop on each wrist, rubbed my wrists together and then held them up to my nose.

“Breathe it in,” he whispered.

“No.” I was feeling defiant. “Ok, fine.”

I breathed in the aroma, first a sniff and then I inhaled deeply, partly because it smelled so good and also because I hadn’t exactly been oxygenating my body well that entire time.

In a matter of minutes, my muscles loosened and I relaxed into my seat. I began breathing more deeply. A smile returned to my face.

Crisis averted. I felt human again. And I’m still not sure what triggered such a strong reaction.

That one instance made me realize that while essential oils are amazing for physical needs, they also work wonders on our emotions.

Since then, I’ve been a lot more intentional about incorporating essential oils into my emotional wellness routine. Which sounds fancy and super intentional, but mostly it means that when I’m practicing self-care I sometimes remember to use essential oils. My memory isn’t always the best, ok?

What that means is fewer mini-meltdowns in public places.

It also means that when I am on the verge (or actually freaking out in some way), I remember I have essential oils I can inhale/apply that will bring me some relief.

Or my best friend has to remind me. You know, whatever.

Essential oils are a wonderful tool to use for your self care needs and I wanted to share my favorites with you today. Whether you’re looking for a way to uplift your mood, relax after a crazy day or reduce meltdowns in public places, you can remember to apply some oils and feel much better.

Or your best friend can remind you. You know, whatever.

Here are my favorite essential oils for self-care:

The King of Oils, I use frankincense daily to feel calm and spiritually connected. I apply it to my wrists or my forehead, depending on how I feel that day. I also use it in the diffuser blend recipe below.

I had a Zyto scan done recently and while I was skeptical of the whole process, I decided I’d give it a shot and try whatever oils it recommended. The main oil it suggested was basil.

After reading about the physical benefits of basil, I definitely wanted to try it. But when I read about the emotional side I was sold. Basil assists with overwhelm, fatigue and low energy, three things I struggle with on a regular basis. I’m loving it so far.

Most people know that lavender is calming, relaxing and soothing. It’s also the oil of communication (something I’ve had trouble with for as long as I can remember). I apply a drop over my heart or throat before I teach or get together with friends. I also like to use it at night before bed.

I have an idea now of why I got so upset. I’m like a sponge when it comes to other people’s moods and if I’m not aware of that, I’ll pick up someone’s bad mood without even realizing. That’s why I love melaleuca and apply it daily.

Melaleuca (or tea tree) helps people clear negative energetic boundaries. I confess I was highly skeptical when I read that, but as I’ve used it I’ve seen a huge difference in how I feel. In other words, I can be around someone in a bad mood and not turn into a grouch myself.

Wild orange
Wild orange is the oil of abundance and helps with a variety of emotional issues. I apply it to my wrists or put it in my diffuser to foster creativity and lift my mood.

This post brought to you by wild orange.

I fell in love with cardamom essential oil the second I smelled it and have since been looking for different ways to use it, especially for self-care. I apply it to my wrists, put it in apple pie, drop it in my diffuser and add it to these heavenly bath salts. Yes, apple pie is self-care.

According to Emotions and Essential Oils (I highly recommend this book), cardamom helps to bring balance, mental clarity and objectivity during moments of extreme anger and frustration. I have those sometimes …

Happy Blend

If you want a simple way to use some of those oils, try adding this happy blend to your essential oil diffuser:

  • 2 drops orange
  • 2 drops lavender
  • 1 drop frankincense

Hang out by your diffuser for a few minutes and enjoy the delightful aroma.

What essential oils do you use for self-care?