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Word on the street is that I’m crunchy. Or, as my mom likes to call me, a hippie. While I’m still not sure if that’s how I’d describe myself, I know it all started when I decided I was going to DIY my personal care products.

It started out innocently enough – I was going to try out this ‘no poo thing to see if it would help my itchy scalp (turns out not eating sugar and other foods that feed candida are most helpful for that). Plus I wanted to save money so we could pay down our debt.

It all kind of snowballed from there. And now I don’t even wash my hair with anything but water and every personal care product I have was DIY or purchased from someone who made it themselves.

If you’re wanting to start making your own products but aren’t sure if it’s time (I’m still not sure if being called a hippie is a good thing or not), check out these reasons for taking the plunge.

1. Non-Toxic

You’d be appalled at the amount of toxic chemicals that go into your average personal care item. You’ll find known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, skin irritants, etc. And you’re putting all of this on your skin, where it is absorbed and circulated throughout your body. Shudder.

Want to see what’s in your personal care products? Check out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Guide.

The reason I love to DIY my own items is because I know what goes in them. I use natural, organic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, which offer helpful benefits to my body, not harmful side effects.

2. Inexpensive

The most expensive part of making your own products is the initial investment. After that, making your own personal care products costs a fraction of what you’d spend on commercial products that are free of all the junk you don’t want.

And the great part? You can find creative ways to make that investment easier on your budget:

  • Split the cost with friends and have a DIY party
  • Choose projects that include the same ingredients so you’re spending less money overall (here are my favorite multi-purpose ingredients)
  • Sell your extras to friends and family or open a shop on Etsy (here’s my guide on how to do that)
  • Swap with your friends who make things you don’t
  • Start by replacing products you use every day and take the money you would have spent on those to buy ingredients
  • Add a small amount to your monthly budget for supplies and natural ingredients

3. Sustainable

When I started making my own personal care products several years ago, I was just hoping to save a little money. I was a bit overwhelmed and wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the hang of it.

Fast forward a few years and I can’t imagine not doing this.

Making your own personal care products is so fun and rewarding, that it soon becomes an enjoyable habit. Instead of wondering how you’re going to get started, you’ll soon find yourself wondering what you can make next.

How do you get started

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you want to get a feel for what this will entail, check out this list of 40 DIY projects that you can get started with.

If you want a comprehensive guide with everything you need in one place, then I highly recommend DIY Organic Beauty Recipes. It contains over 50 all-natural recipes to help you start making all of your personal care products. You’ll find it here.

What DIY Personal Care Products did/would you start with?