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Have I told y’all about my dad? He’s a great guy – funny, outgoing, friends with everyone he meets. A great cook. Incredibly hospitable.

3 Gift Ideas for the Person who has Everything || Shalom Mama

He’s got a sassy side and likes to do things his own way (that’s where I get it from). And he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t wait for things to happen. Which means when he needs something, he goes out and gets it.

Which makes it incredibly difficult to buy him gifts.

Before Christmas, or his birthday (which is a few weeks before), I ask him, “Is there anything in particular you want this year?” He usually raises his eyebrow and replies, “Nope. I needed ________, so I bought it.”

There was one year when he wanted me to crochet him a scarf – I was very happy to do it. But generally, he has zero items on his wish list which leaves me wondering what I can get him on special days (I love giving gifts – it’s my love language).

Eventually, I learned to stop asking and, like my dad, took the situation into my own hands and decided that since Dad has everything he needs (or gets it himself), I would find a way to give him gifts without cluttering up my parents’ home with stuff he won’t use.

So if you need gift ideas for the person who has everything, these are the three options I typically choose from when it comes to giving to my Dad:

1. Consumables

My dad has a massive sweet tooth (also got that from him) and enjoys cookies, chocolates and pastries. So guess what? I like to oblige. He’s fond of many of these edible gifts in jars.

He also likes when I give him some of my homemade natural remedies from my shop. Last year I gave him soap, lip balm and my healing balm, which were gladly used. He even mentioned he wanted more this year!

2. Presence

I love spending time with my dad. Like I mentioned before, he’s quite funny. Plus he tells some awesome stories of when he was growing up in Mexico (the sassy, independent spirit runs deep in our family).

So rather than making stuff for him, I sometimes opt for time together by taking him out for coffee or a lunch date. Though he usually insists on paying, so I’m not sure who’s getting the gift there. 🙂

3. Gifts in their name

You know what else is lovely? Handing him a Christmas card telling him that we gave a few pairs of chickens in his name to some families in need in Asia. It usually sparks a funny story from growing up on a farm.

Gospel for Asia has a wonderful Christmas catalog that allows you to purchase all sorts of gifts that will help empower families living in poverty. We LOVE their gifts from the stable. You can check it out the catalog here.

Heifer International and Compassion also have similar gift catalogs that make a big difference.

What do you give to the person who has everything?