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My youngest brother has dealt with unhappy toes for several years now. Almost a decade, actually.

That’s a long time to deal with itchy, burny toes and feet.

Like many people, he tried various creams for his angry little toes (ok, they’re not so little). Some would work for a time, but eventually, it always came back.

Now, the first thing I tell my brother is that eating real food will help, especially when he gets rid of all of the sweet soda and junk “food” he’s so fond of.

He then mentions something about hippie food, I manage to pique his interest by mentioning bacon, but before long, I lose his interest and we’re back to talking about Doctor Who.


One thing I did manage to get him to try though, was an essential oil blend I created.

He’s heard me talk about essential oils for almost two years now, and has seen them work for me a number of times, so he was open to trying them out. Also, I think he may have been a bit desperate. And I may have nagged him a lot bit.

He took the blend home and then I completely forgot about it. Don’t you just love Mommy Brain?

A few weeks later, he came over, took off his shoes and socks and excitedly showed me his feet and said, “Look! It’s gone!”

“What’s gone?” I asked.

“The stuff on my toes.”

“Oh! Cool! How’d you do that?”

This was the point where he dropped his chin, looked up at me like I was an idiot and said, “Duh, Nina, those essential oils you gave me.”

That’s when it clicked and I got really excited. You see, it’s one thing for my essential oils to work for me – I’ve already “drank the Kool-Aid” so of course I believe in them. But when they work for someone else who thinks all I talk about is hippie voodoo, it’s cause for celebration.

Naturally, I shared the success with Facebook.

And then, I decided to write a post sharing the wonderful essential oil blend. Ok, so many people asked me to that I couldn’t say no.

Essential Oils for Happy Toes and Feet (or Magic Sauce for My Bro’s Gross Toes)

Remove the lids of your essential oils and grab your empty roll-on bottle. Carefully add 20 drops of each oil to the roll-on bottle, cover the top with your finger and shake to mix. Fill the rest of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil then snap in the roller part. Be careful not to spill when you snap that in place.

(You could also use a small, glass spray bottle if you’re uncomfortable with the thought of rolling something on your feet. Though, in my experience, nothing has survived on a roller bottle thanks to the essential oils.)

If you get any on your hands, wash your hands with soap and water or dilute it with coconut oil. This is optional of course, but I find that if I don’t do one or the other, I end up absentmindedly rubbing essential oil in my eyes. Not recommended …

Put the lid on the bottle, slap on a label and you’re good to go.

I advised him to apply it in the morning and before bed, and any other time he happened to think about it, so I’m assuming that’s what he did. Actually, I’m assuming he did it a lot less than that.

We are related, after all, and we’re not known for our ability to follow instructions …