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Essential Accessories: 7 Must-Haves for Using Essential Oils

When I first got my essential oils, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. But, because I love researching and telling my husband, “So I was reading …,” I quickly figured out what to do and have been using them daily ever since.

Since then, I’ve learned that some “accessories” are more helpful than others and some are just plain essential to using essential oils (every time I type that, I giggle a little).

These are the accessories I find most helpful for using essential oils in my home: 

1. Carrier Oil

A carrier oil dilutes your essential oils, making them safer to use on more sensitive areas or on children. A good carrier oil is also required for stronger essential oils, like oregano, that need to be diluted so they don’t irritate your skin.

My favorite carrier oil to use is coconut oil, because I already cook with it and it’s easy to just scoop out a little bit and keep it in a jar for when I need a carrier oil. Other oils you could use are almond, jojoba, grapeseed, etc.

2. Guidebook

A good guidebook is essential because you need to know how and when to use which oils. I have two favorite resources.

One is actually a website, called Everything Essential. The other is a book I purchased, called Modern Essentials.

I also love how recommends a few oils to try, which I’ve found helpful if I didn’t have one they recommended or to avoid one oil from losing effiectiveness over time (think lavender at night for calming – you might want to rotate between that and another oil).

They also allow you to search by oil or health concern.

3. Diffuser

A diffuser is great for aromatherapy purposes. If you don’t have a diffuser, you can put oils in the palm of your hand, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply (you can also just smell from the bottle).

I’ve been using essential oils for over a year now and don’t have a diffuser … yet.

I’ve gone back and forth between different kinds of diffusers and have mainly been using oils topically (or inhaling oils from my hands). My mom also has one that I get to borrow. 🙂

However, I’m putting aside some money to get a diffuser after reading more about the benefits of aromatherapy. (Did you know lavender essential oil diffused aromatically can help with PMS?)

4. Empty Capsules

The essential oils I use have been deemed safe for internal consumption and one way I do that is via capsule.

When I’m feeling sick, I’ll put some protective essential oil blend in a capsule and take that. I’ve also used oils in capsules for treating a few other ailments and they worked really well. Empty capsules can be found online or in your local health food store.

(Note: Not all essential oils can be taken internally – make sure the ones you are using can be. Also, remember, I’m not a doctor. Do your research before taking anything medicinally. Empower yourself.)

5. Storage Box

After I’d purchased several essential oils, I realized that I’d need a place to keep them all. Fortunately, I have a pretty wooden box my Grandpa made for me that fits my oils perfectly. Well, it used to anyway …

You can look around your house and see if you can find a good storage box for your oils (make sure it’s sturdy and has a lid). You could also check out second hand stores or the interwebs.

6. Roll-On Bottles

I put on a blend of oils each morning with one simple little swipe. Last year, I ordered some empty roll-on bottles that I love to use for blending oils, either for specific ailments or my daily routine. I think it’s easiest to find them online.

7. Sample Vials

Sample vials have two purposes for me. First, I like to share essential oils. Some of you have received packages from me with little vials of essential oils because I love you and these oils and love giving gifts.

Other times, I share them with people who I know would benefit from the oils. Sample vials make sharing oils super easy to do. (I like 1/4 dram the best.)

I also use them in my essential oil travel pouch so I have my oils with me wherever I go. I like the sample vials because it allows me to have the oils I need in multiple places without having to buy bigger bottles (that wouldn’t get used as often).

What else do you think is an essential accessory for using essential oils?