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I don’t collect many things. Mainly because I just don’t have the space for it and I abhor clutter. But. I love glass jars.

14 Edible Gifts in Jars

Canning jars, especially, are my weakness. Wide mouth. Flip top. Blue. I love any adjective, really, that describes canning jars. Except for broken … (I have the same weakness for glass bottles, by the way.)

And when I can find them at a yard sale or thrift shop, or receive them as a gift, even better.

So, as I was sitting with my husband, enjoying our anniversary dinner, I looked at the honey butter on our table and thought, “This would be a great gift, especially in a cute little jar.”

Ding! Light bulb moment.

I quickly grabbed my notebook and began writing down all of the wonderful edible items that would be great gifts, especially when presented in a beautiful jar or bottle. (Yes, I take my notebook everywhere and whip it out frequently so I don’t forget things.)

And here, my friends, is the list (please leave any extra ideas you have in the comments below!):

1. Honey Butter

Two of my favorite things all blended together to make a delicious, sweet, salty treat. Spread some on sourdough toast or homemade scones. Here’s an easy recipe.

Recommended jar: Jarden 8 oz. Platinum Jar

2. Mulling Spices

I use mulling spices all the time to make delicious spiced cider. The spices used look beautiful in a jar. Here’s my recipe.

Recommended jar: Fido Round Jar


3. Caramel Sauce

I’m slightly obsessed with caramel sauce, especially the salted variety. I love it in coffee, on apple slices, on a spoon … It’s super easy to make (if you don’t have any distractions) and a special treat for whoever you give it to. Here’s my recipe.

Recommended jar: Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Jar

4. Jam

I made my second batch of jam ever this summer and if I would have planned ahead, I would be giving it away for Christmas this year. I did not, however, and all of the jam was gone in a flash.

But if you have any homemade jam, consider giving that as a gift as it’s so simple and often much-appreciated. Here’s the jam recipe I used and love (so many yummy flavors). And I just found out you can buy a similar jam from here – already in an adorable jar!

Recommended jar: Jarden Elite Platinum Jar

5. Apple Pie Filling

The filling recipe for the hand pies below is super simple and tastes delicious. Why not put it in a jar and give it away? (Must be refrigerated, of course, unless you know how to can it properly). It’s great in oatmeal and, of course, in pie.

Recommended jar: Ball Blue Heritage Jars

6. Hand Pies

I’ve put several in a big jar in an attempt to save them because they don’t last long. Not because they go bad, but because everyone eats them so quickly. I love this recipe, minus the caramel (I prefer to dip it in caramel sauce).

Also, I use a wide mouth canning jar band to cut out the dough. For smaller pies that will fit better in a jar, use a regular mouth band.

Recommended jar: Bormioli Rocco Airtight Jar

7. Vanilla

Homemade vanilla is one of the easiest DIY gifts you can give. You just need a little extra time for the vanilla to steep. Here’s a great tutorial.

Recommended bottle: Bormioli Rocco Swing Top Bottle

8. Sea Salt

I loooooooove sea salt. Probably more than I should. There’s all kinds of yummy sea salt you can give. Real salt. Himalyan salt. Rosemary seasoning salt. Smoked salt. (Ok, now this feels like that one scene in Forrest Gump). Anyway … sea salt is good and makes a great gift. Especially in a cute jar.

Recommended jar: Bormioli Rocco Airtight Jar

Edible Gifts in Jars

9. Lemon Curd

Quite possibly my favorite edible jar gift yet (I love all things lemon). Adding two drops of doTERRA’s lemon essential oil really makes it amazing. Here’s how to make it.

Recommended jar: Golden Spoon Mason Jars

10. Coffee

Pour some delicious coffee beans in a cool jar, tie on a jute twine bow with a gift tag and coffee scoop threaded on, et voila! Simple, tasty gift.

Recommended jar: Bormioli Rocco Airtight Jar

Edible Gifts in Jars

11. Homemade Nutella

The first time I ever had Nutella, it was actually a homemade version I made with a friend. SO good. And after I tried the kind from the store, I knew that homemade is the only way to go with the stuff. Seriously, it’s that good. Here’s the recipe.

Recommended jar: Bormioli Rocco Airtight Jar

12. Applesauce

It may sound simple, and it is. Which is why I think it’s a great gift. Here’s a yummy recipe.

Recommended jar: Ball Regular Mouth Jar

13. Home Brew

There are so many yummy drinks you can brew in your kitchen. Beer. Kombucha. Water kefir. Soda. This book has all sorts of great recipes. Put it in a cool flip-top bottle.

Recommended bottle: Bormioli Rocco Giara Clear Glass Bottle

14. Canned peaches (or any yummy fruit)

My friend has given me a couple jars of her canned peaches and I eagerly look forward to getting more (ok, Tara?). So simple, but so good.

Recommended jar: Ball Regular Mouth Jar

Never underestimate the value of yummy food in a jar.

What edible gifts in jars do you like to give?