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I’m big on connection. When it comes to my marriage, though, I know all to well how easy it is to drift apart as a couple. Between my business and my husband’s role as a paramedic captain, things get busy. Add in our four children and it’s a miracle we have a chance to connect as a couple at all.

But we do. And one of our favorite ways to reconnect as a couple is through massage.

We’ve been big on couples massage for years, although, it was kind of hit or miss. But a few weeks ago we registered for Melt’s online couples massage course and we can’t believe how much difference a few simple tips can make to a massage.

Who knew a 15-minute massage from your husband could be so incredible and a catalyst for a much more intimate relationship? We *highly* recommend you give Melt a try for yourself.

Whether you decide to give Melt a try or not, I still highly recommend trying out couples massage. It’s a fantastic way to reconnect as a couple and increase intimacy.

And if you do massage, well, you’ll need massage oil.

Why oil? According to Denis Merkas, massage therapist and creator of Melt, lotion just won’t do. Well, it will, but not for very long.

Lotion absorbs into the skin very quickly – much faster than a massage oil – which means you’ll need to stop frequently to reapply. Once you’re in the groove, that ‘s just not so fun.

So why not make your own massage oil, with essential oils known for their sensual properties that will help enhance the mood and provide a more enjoyable massage?

DIY Massage Oil for Couples



In a glass bottle, combine liquid massage oil and all of the essential oils. Cap and shake gently to mix. Label the bottle and store in a cool, dark place.

If you’re using coconut oil (which I prefer because then it’s solid so I don’t spill, but melts easily and doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy), melt the oil in a small sauce pan on medium heat. Transfer the melted oil to a small, wide-mouth jar, add the essential oils and stir. Screw on a lid and add a label.

To use

Apply a small amount (roughly 1 tsp) to the palm of your hand. Rub hands together to warm the oil. Apply to your partner’s skin in long, even strokes. Add more if needed.