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Life is fast-paced, and if we aren’t careful we can miss some of the sweetest gifts life has to offer. This is especially true in parenting.

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As parents we can get so consumed with work, chores and the next thing in our routine that we forget to pause and connect as a family. And the speed of our world makes it ridiculously hard to slow down as well.

So what’s a parent to do? How do we slow down and connect in meaningful ways with our family? I would like to suggest nine of an infinite number of options.


Nothing fancy or complicated here. Just grab a book, snuggle up and enjoy. And reading together can be done no matter if your children are babies or teenagers. If you are low on options to read, your local library is a great resource.


Family mealtime is a great time to bond through preparation of a meal and also the enjoyment of it as well. According to the Family Dinner Project, enjoying a meal together as a family does more than strengthen family bonds.

Family mealtime contributes to higher self esteem and lower risk of depression and eating disorders. Another benefit – family meals can help expand vocabulary (more so than reading).


Go for a walk around your neighborhood or a park. Find some local hiking trails in your area. Surprise your kids with a trip to a theme park for the day. Visit a zoo or museum. You get the idea … leave your home and enjoy life together.



Young children learn best through play, and it can also been a meaningful avenue of connection. But play is not just for little kiddos; it is great for big kids and their parents, too!

Grab some toys you already have at home (cars, building blocks, Legos, PlayDoh, etc) and play. Paint or create something together. Or maybe go to a park and swing or slide with your child.


Don’t be afraid to show your silly side, too. Jump on the bed together. Tell jokes. Have a food fight. Jump in puddles and get all muddy. Kids love to see that their parents have a sense of humor and a silly side. Tell jokes.

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Family Night

Dedicate a night each week or a few times a month for Family Night. Fix your family’s favorite meal, watch a movie or play games. Making this part of your family’s routine gives your children something to look forward to on a consistent basis.

For more ideas on ways to connect as a family check out 10 Ways to Connect As A Family at Holistic Homemaking.

In what ways do you like to spend quality time and connect with your family?

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