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Raise your hand if you love steaming hot baths with delicious essential oils and mineral-rich salts. Yeah, my hand just shot straight up.

I love baths. In fact, that’s the main reason I’m now a huge fan of cold weather – as soon as the temperature drops, I head straight for the tub. And, oh, how I love it. Though our new house’s tub has nothing on the one in the bus … Oh well. I’m still a sucker for a nice, hot bath.

And when I can add a heavenly blend of bath salts and essential oils? You know I’m not coming out for a long, long time. Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband and he’s supportive of this habit. 😉

So what’s my bath salt blend du jour? A super simple, super yummy smelling combination of epsom salts, Himalyan pink salt and lavender and cardamom essential oils. Or, as my friend likes to call it, carda-yum.

Ever since I got my new cardamom essential oil, I haven’t been able to get enough. There’s something about the way the scent lingers on my wrists – the rich, spicy aroma that reminds me of my husband’s apple pie. Mmmm, pie. I really just don’t know how my little bottle has lasted so long.

And when a dear friend suggested I mix it with lavender, I knew she was on to something. And you know what? The woman is a genius, because the blend is so wonderful, so intoxicating, that I just can’t get enough. It’s the ultimate in olfactory happiness.

Ready to make some?

Lavender Cardamom Bath Salts


Pour all of these lovely ingredients in your favorite pint-size mason jar. What’s that? You don’t have a favorite? Sure you do. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. This is a safe place for the kind of people who have favorite jars. (This is my favorite.)

Now screw on the lid and shake. Not your body, the jar. Ok, you can shake your body, too, if that makes it more fun. Anyway, shake the jar until everything’s well combined. Now make up a label (it doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy) and slap it on the jar. Or don’t, because you’ll probably use these so quickly, there will be no need to remember what you put in there.

Put 1/4 cup to 1 cup in the bath. Depends on how much you want.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? I think I’m going to go take a bath right now. Or maybe I should finish what this post. I don’t know … It’s a hard decision. Sigh.

Now, time for a bath.