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A few years ago, I got this crazy idea. What if we sold most of our stuff and moved into an RV?

My husband thought I was crazy. For one, why would I want to live in such a tiny space? For two, we also had four children.

Bus Sweet Bus. Come tour the bus remodel over at Shalom Mama.
But I was determined that we would one day live in a tiny space and that we’d love it. After all, I knew from all the blogs I’d read that this was a reality for several families out there (and they’d even done it intentionally). So why couldn’t we do it.

Well, we did.

In October of 2012, we brought home our RV, which was actually a renovated school bus, or Skoolie. It was hideous inside, so we spent the next few months gutting it completely.

By June 2013, the beds were in and we moved our family of six into our school bus. We lived there for just over a year until a job change necessitated a move.

Today, the bus is parked right next to our house. We’ve got a few finishing touches to put on it and then we’re opening it up as a guest house (when we aren’t taking road trips, of course).

If you’d like to read more about this adventure and see some inside photos and videos, you’ll find links to it all below.

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Bus Gallery

A little more progress …

As of February 1, 2014:

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