Simply Clean Home: Clean Less, Live More

by Nina Nelson of Shalom Mama

Simply Clean Home is a brief guide designed to help you conquer the clutter in your home and create a simple plan to keep it peaceful and tidy (without cleaning all day) so you have more time for the things you love.

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About the book


Why organizing isn’t the answer

Organizing will only get you so far. Why keep moving around piles of stuff you don’t need/want? Instead, we’ll walk through how to easily get rid of the clutter for good.

Create a simple cleaning routine – that you actually enjoy

Say what!? Seriously. We’ll look at how to create a sustainable cleaning routine. And how to enjoy it.

More than cleaning

There’s more to life than cleaning your space. What will you do with your time once you’ve simplified cleaning? This book shares some ideas – based on my own experience after freeing up more time.

What’s inside:


Room-by-room tips for decluttering your home


A simple routine to dramatically cut cleaning time


Simple ways to get your kids involved


What to do if your spouse isn’t on board


An easy way to diffuse the ticking toy bomb


How to approach cleaning so you actually enjoy it (yes, really)