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Apply a small amount to enhance natural process of skin returning to a healthy state after being distressed.

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1/2 oz. Tin | 1 oz. Tin | 2 oz. Tin | 2 oz. Jar

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This multi-purpose balm has the healing, soothing and pain-relieving properties to handle pretty much anything (which is why it’s also known as Awesome Sauce in our house).

Scraped knees? Tattoos? Acne? Bruises? Diaper rash? Yes to all of those, and much more. Seriously, if something happens the first thing we say is, “Put The Balm on it.” It’s like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Balm is Windex. Only without all the nasty chemicals.

It’s GOOD stuff.

Shea butter and coconut oil moisturize skin without feeling greasy.

Ideal for dry chapped hands, skin rips (I’m looking at you, CrossFitters), baby bottoms and skin that need a little TLC.

What’s inside?

1/2 oz. Tin | 1 oz. Tin | 2 oz. Tin | 2 oz. Jar

Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, with these awesome herbs: calendula, comfrey, arnica, marshmallow root, plaintain, yarrow. Once we strain them, we stir in candelilla wax, vitamin e oil and therapeutic-grade essential oils. (Essential oil dilution of 0.5%).

How do you use it?

Liberally. Not really. I mean, you’ll use it a lot, but you usually just need a small amount. Apply where it hurts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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Weight 4 oz

1/2 oz. Tin, 1 oz. Tin, 2 oz. Jar, 2 oz. Tin

4 reviews for The Balm

  1. acarruthers10

    My son had a friction/ chafing rash where his diaper hits his inner leg for 2.5 months. Nothing we tried was really helping much, even switching diapers. We were at our wits end. Then it was suggested that we try this. Cleared it up in a matter of days! Now anytime he’s starting to look irritated or he scratches himself, I put this on and it disappears in hours. Thank you so much!

  2. Marcia (verified owner)

    This balm is amazing. I received it yesterday, and while getting a hot baking pan out of the oven I burned myself. I normally use honey but instead I used The Balm and it took the burning sting out of it. This morning, there is no burn mark and no pain.

  3. Brett Gorbett

    I have used it for sun burned lips, dry hands, body massage, sore muscles and use it almost everyday!! “MAGICAL!!”

  4. John Mageras

    Found this on my phone in TRASH. Dam phone. Im going to order. Really sounds great.

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